Dunbar Confirms Recently Launched Website Reveals Winners and Losers Under Governor’s Property Tax Shift Plan
HARRISBURG – As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. George Dunbar (R-Westmoreland) is encouraging all local taxpayers to visit the committee’s newly launched website TaxpayersThatPay.com, which offers a comprehensive assessment of how they would fare under the governor’s proposed 2015-16 state budget.
“With any state budget proposal, there are always winners and losers,” said Dunbar. “Cutting through the governor’s convoluted numbers, under his proposal, taxpayers in the 56th Legislative District would be paying more than $19 million in increased taxes than they would receive in actual property tax relief.”
In order to help state taxpayers fully understand the impact of Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed tax increases, TaxpayersthatPay.com shows how much in new personal income and sales taxes taxpayers in each school district will pay and compares that amount to the funds proposed to go back to local taxpayers under the governor’s fundamentally flawed property tax shift plan.
All totaled, Wolf’s proposed 2015-16 budget spends a record $33.8 billion – a 16 percent increase in spending over last year. To support these spending increases, the governor proposes a 40 percent sales tax increase by raising the rate and removing exemptions that currently exist on a number of goods and services. Wolf also proposes an increase of 21 percent to the state’s Personal Income Tax.
In the bigger picture, the governor’s spending plan raises over $8 billion in new taxes when fully implemented and only redistributes $3.6 billion of the new taxes to local property owners and renters.
“Clearly, there are far too many losers under the governor’s unprecedented spending proposal,” said Dunbar. “During the next several months, the Legislature has a great deal of work to do in order to craft an on-time, balanced and fiscally responsible state budget that adequately funds public education and other essential government services without unsustainable spending and tax increases that Pennsylvania’s hard-working families and most vulnerable citizens cannot afford to pay.”
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Representative George Dunbar
56th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Ty McCauslin
RepDunbar.com / Facebook.com/RepDunbar
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