Dunbar Measure to Terminate Pay-to-Play State Government Contracting Sent to Governor
The bill was signed into law on Oct. 21.

– Legislation sponsored by Rep. George Dunbar (R-Westmoreland) to end the practice of pay-to-play politics in the state contracting procurement process has been approved by both the state House and Senate and now moves on to the governor’s desk for signature.

“Just like my legislation which unanimously passed the House last session, the purpose of House Bill 201 is to prevent anyone from coming to work for state government and rewarding his/her former boss with a multi-million dollar contract paid for by you, the taxpayer — strictly on the basis of political favoritism,” said Dunbar, a certified public accountant, businessman and former Penn Township commissioner. “Put simply, this fundamental government reform legislation would bring a long overdue end to this blatant, unethical conflict of interest where backroom, pay-to-play politics generates countless overpriced and uncompetitive state contracts.”

House Bill 201 would strictly prohibit any state employee from evaluating any state contract proposal submitted by a former employer, less than two years following the date of the state employee’s separation with the employer. In addition to limiting the undue influence that a former employer could have on a state employee who is in the position of making contract decisions, Dunbar’s legislation also contains a provision prohibiting any individual or organization engaged in investment activities with Iran from entering into state contracts for goods or services.

“This legislation is a direct answer to more than a decade of ongoing allegations concerning back-door, pay-to-play politics from Pennsylvania taxpayers and job creators who have legitimately questioned the integrity regarding the slew of multi-million dollar, no-bid state contracts that have been awarded,” said Dunbar. “House Bill 201 is specifically aimed at making the entire state contracting process more accountable, saving taxpayer dollars and making the activities of the executive branch absolutely transparent.”

House Bill 201 is the third piece of Dunbar’s legislation to be sent to the governor’s desk for signature since he was first sworn into office in January 2011.

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Representative George Dunbar
56th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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