Westmoreland County Lawmakers Support Catholic Diocese of Greensburg’s Faith-Based Lawsuit Against ObamaCare
GREENSBURG –State Reps. Tim Krieger, Mike Reese, George Dunbar and Eli Evankovich issued the following statement today in support of the Catholic Diocese of Greensburg becoming the third diocese in western Pennsylvania to file a federal lawsuit on the grounds that the Affordable Care Act infringes upon the religious beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.

Filed on Tuesday, the lawsuit is seeking an immediate court-ordered injunction to exempt the diocese and all its affiliates from federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) requirements that contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs be offered through employee health care plans.

“We wholeheartedly support the Catholic Diocese of Greensburg for joining the ongoing battle to exempt religiously affiliated schools, hospitals and other institutions from being forced through the Affordable Care Act to provide access to contraceptives, including morning-after pills such as Ella and Plan B which act to destroy fertilized human embryos, or any other so-called medical procedure that violates their sincerely held religious or moral beliefs.

“As we have argued since the beginning of the public debate over this HHS birth control mandate, this debate is not about contraception, women’s health, reproductive freedom or even the Catholic Church. This action and all other previously filed lawsuits clearly center around the fundamental American liberties to follow the dictates of one’s conscience and to practice one’s religious beliefs accordingly. Simply stated, if upheld by the courts, the current HHS birth control mandate will require many Americans to choose whether to obey God’s law, as they understand it, or to obey the Obama administration’s edict.

“Every single American, whether Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, non-religious, agnostic or atheist, should be concerned about the outcome of this lawsuit. If the federal government can demand that an institution as prominent and visible as the Catholic Church submit its fundamental convictions to arbitrary government power, it can demand that any one of us forsake our rights and our beliefs.”

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Representative Tim Krieger
57th District
Representative Mike Reese
59th District
Representative George Dunbar
56th District
Representative Eli Evankovich
54th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Ty McCauslin
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