Dunbar Says Yes to On-Time, Fiscally Responsible State Budget for Second Consecutive Year
HARRISBURG – State Rep. George Dunbar (R-Westmoreland) cast a vote in favor of the final $27.7 billion, 2012-13 state budget on Thursday. Passing the House by a margin of 120-81, Senate Bill 1466 advanced to the state Senate for concurrence.

“During the course of raising my four daughters, one thing I became very good at was saying no,” said Dunbar. “This was never a popular choice, nor did I enjoy saying no, but as a parent it was the responsible thing to do. This year’s budget is a lot like that. Surely, we would like to fulfill everyone’s request for more funding, but as stewards of your tax dollars this year we had to once again do the responsible thing and say no to excess spending. In fact, I would have preferred to spend slightly less than we actually voted for today.”

Once again containing no tax increases and continuing several essential tax reductions for Pennsylvania’s job creators, Dunbar also applauded this year’s state budget for the restoration of millions of dollars benefiting schools, universities and other education programs.

When Gov. Tom Corbett originally outlined his budget proposal in February, he was forced to make drastic cuts due to low revenue numbers. In the past few months, state revenues have rebounded, which allowed the House to restore many of the cuts that were proposed.

All totaled, schools and education-related programs across the Commonwealth will benefit from a more than $300 million increase in funding above what they received last year. While the original budget proposal called for significant cuts to higher education funding, legislators were able to use this year’s higher-than-expected revenues to fill those holes and provide universities with the same level of funding as they received last year.

“Again, my vote today was not necessarily a vote I wanted to make, but it was a vote I had to make,” said Dunbar. “It was a responsible vote for a fiscally responsible, on time, no tax increase state budget.”

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State Representative George Dunbar
56th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Ty McCauslin
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