Dunbar Takes Oath of Office, Hits Ground Running with Real Fiscal Conservative Agenda

State Rep. George Dunbar (R-Westmoreland) was officially sworn into office today at the state Capitol to begin his first term in the General Assembly serving the people of the 56th Legislative District.  

“I am greatly honored and humbled by the faith and support of the people of the 56th Legislative district who sent me to Harrisburg,” said Dunbar.  “Like the citizens I represent, I have heard all the broken promises from property tax reform, ethics reform, more government transparency to less government spending but have grown disillusioned by so little progress.  As your State Representative, I will hit the ground running to change the way state government does business by always putting the best interests of You the taxpayer first.” 

A husband, father, taxpayer and businessman, Dunbar is a professional CPA and former Penn Township Supervisor who pledges to bring his experience and commonsense to Harrisburg to advance a real fiscally conservative agenda that includes: 

  • Decreasing state spending and balancing the state budget without raising taxes:  A true fiscal conservative not only in words, but in actions, as Penn Township supervisor Dunbar used his accounting experience and private sector background to replace township debt with a surplus and increased funding for the local library, public safety and other essential community services — all without raising property taxes.   In addition, he instituted a zero-based budgeting process to eliminate wasteful spending and save taxpayers more than $200,000 annually.  As a state representative, Dunbar will work to lower and bring an end to excessive property taxes that continue to force working families and senior citizens out of their homes.  
  • Making Pennsylvania more economically competitive to safely and responsibly create jobs for both today and tomorrow:   As a successful entrepreneur, Dunbar understands that economic growth means keeping families and children in Pennsylvania, which is why he will fight to reduce burdensome taxes and over-regulation that continue to prevent employers from creating new family-sustaining jobs.  This includes the recent surge in Marcellus Shale natural gas leasing activites in Westmoreland County and across the Commonwealth.    
  • Putting an end to Harrisburg perks to protect Pennsylvania taxpayers:  Serving in the Legislature should be about public service, not self-interest.  Specifically, Dunbar has pledged to push for the elimination of Walking Around Money grants (WAMs) – the state equivalent of federal earmarks.  He also wants to eliminate per diems, the unvouchered expenses lawmakers can collect each time they travel to Harrisburg.  Dunbar also will submit all taxpayer-funded legislative expenses for public review; drive his own car to and from Harrisburg, rather than accept a taxpayer-funded automobile; and will never vote for a pay raise. 
  • Addressing Pennsylvania’s public pension crisis:  The current economic downturn and an obsolete pension funding system have created a multi-billion dollar crisis for Pennsylvania taxpayers that requires immediate attention.   Beginning with his own retirement, Dunbar will lead by example and support significant reforms to convert all legislative pensions from the guaranteed lifetime, taxpayer-paid pension plans to a defined-contribution plan similar to those offered by private-sector employers. 
  • Defending your values in Harrisburg:  Like the vast majority of District 56 residents, Dunbar is unapologetically pro-life and an unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment.    In Harrisburg, he will stand up to the politicians – including anyone in the Republican party–who would try to weaken the state’s laws against abortion or take away the constitutional liberties of law-abiding gun owners.   In addition, Dunbar strongly supports and looks forward to casting a vote to make Pennsylvania the 24th state to enact the Castle Doctrine to allow law-abiding citizens to use lethal force to defend themselves whenever necessary without fear of prosecution or litigation. 

“These are precisely the long-overdue reforms that led me to seek legislative office in the first place,”   said Dunbar.   “These are the same commonsense, conservative reforms you can count on me to keep fighting for on your behalf as long as I am in Harrisburg.” 

Dunbar resides in Penn Township with his wife, Sandy.   They have been blessed with four daughters:  Stephanie, Erin, Alexandra and Samantha.     

The 56th Legislative District covers part of Westmoreland County and includes the city of Jeannette,  part of the townships of North Huntingdon and Penn, and the boroughs of Irwin, North Irwin, and Penn 

Visit RepDunbar.com for the latest Legislative updates. 

Rep. George Dunbar
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Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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